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Earlier today I posted John Mayer covering Robert Johnson’s “Crossroads,” from his new album Battle Studies. I must say that this is my favorite song off his new album and it made me wonder…Is it a bad thing that his best song is a blues classic? After much deliberation with my roomie Dave, I have come to the conclusion that although John’s album doesn’t grab me the way that 2006’s Continuum did, it might be his best album as far as overall tone and focus. This album is truly a study into the battle that one wages with love. As on Continuum, John deals with heartbreak and life on the rebound, but this album is a step forward from his previous efforts. Sure, you might not here JM’s virtuosity as a guitar player, the thrilling solos, and down and dirty blues, but what Battle Studies lacks in scale, it makes up for in content and phrasing. John’s phrasing has a complete musical sense of its own built from motifs and combining to form melodies in one breath. Take a listen to key tracks that include:

Half of My Heart (featuring Taylor Swift) 4:10
Assassin 5:15
Crossroads (Robert Johnson Cover) 2:29


~ by jmstone87 on November 17, 2009.

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